The Stage Assistant

Contest Name :Help Wanted, Submission Date :07-02-2008, Uploaded By : Kerri
Directed By :  Kerri Rhodes, Director/Interactive Producer,Washington,
Shot On: Canon HV20, Edited On: Final Cut Pro 6.0,  Crew Members: 0  Duration: 3.00 mins
, , United States   Views: 291
Inspiration: Thought it would be funny to have someone apply to a job that they think is a "stage assistant." Turns out he assists the knife thrower as a target!
Other Info: We found out about the project a couple days ago. I came up with the script, rounded cast and crew in a day! We shot in 4hrs. yesterday & edited today

Good acting and a very well done short. 
good acting and a good climax..great but i liked the way you did..costumes artist coreography n all..great 
I really like the pace of the film. The two main characters complement each other well and the whole thing has a great vibe. 
That was fun, creative and good use of kids! 
Well done. Next time try and make the audio a little easier to hear. 
cute short. I commend you on using such a big ensemble of actors. the back and forth between the main two works really well. nice compositions of shots. funny ending 
Well done. Simple, short, funny and sweet. I enjoyed the acting. The kids were especially wonderful in the measuring scene. 
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