Bum Note

Contest Name :Help Wanted, Submission Date :07-03-2008, Uploaded By : Michael
Directed By :  Michael Brown, Sound Recordist/Sound Designer,Stockton-on-Tees,
Shot On: Canon XL1s, Edited On: Adobe Premiere Pro 2,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 3.00 mins
, , United Kingdom   Views: 1040
Inspiration: Benny Hill, Fagin, Chopsticks, Mischievous Bums, Emily McDonald and an alternative to recycling our empty wine bottles
Other Info: Happy Accidents: Bottle smash, chopsticks in hat and chopsticks using chopsticks The Bum had no previous dancing or musical experience

very cool film! 
Love the old classic style! Would be nice if the actor also had some of that heavy makeup they used back then.  
Very cute and pleasant movie. 
Well done silent movie, I like sound effects.  
Reminds me of the silent era, great job! It was shot well and very well edited to rhythm. 
Nice work. Reminds me of Chaplin's The Kid. I especially liked your reveal of the little girl. It's not sentimental or cutesy. But has the same balance between the comic and the subversively "serious" that Chaplin excels at.  
hehe..very entertaining.. 
hi, michael. great job. loved the music and the sound. it fit so perfectly with the look of the movie (silent, jumpy, sped-up, sepia). you "crossed the axis" or whatever it's called, on your REVERSE shot, though... when the little girl (who is ADORABLE) shows up to pour her juice, the "problem bottle" is to the left of the frame and the man is looking at it from the right of the frame. but the one she's pouring juice into is to the right. so i felt that she never got around to fixing the problem bottle. you could have placed the man on the edge of the frame to give us a reference. also, i thought the PAY-OFF was missing: we all want to HEAR what the problem bottle will sound like now that little tinkerbell has magically fixed it... and we don't get to hear it! but the bottom line is that i really enjoyed it and i look forward to watching (and hearing) more of your stuff, man. 
Thanks for all the fantastic comments. In response to Rodrigo: I know I'm guilty I did "cross the line", it was because the girl and the bum weren't actually there at the same time. So there was no over the shoulder or two shots for that reason. They were shot on different days and both shot really fast. (30mins the girl and about 80mins the bum). So the bottle was actually used as the over-the-shoulder and I didn't actually pay attention to its positioning. I was more worried about the two characters cutting together at all because we had different weather conditions and different times of the day. As for the pay-off, I preferred the rhythm of the scene to continue with the music than cut off the music and hear him play chopsticks with the right note. Everyone knows chopsticks, and I think its more entertaining to see the bum celebrate his working note than watch him perform the music. Though when the little girl finishes filling the bottle you do hear the correct note when the bottle wobbles. I put it in to show the note did change. Many thanks for your input, its always welcome and very appreciated 
Oh I forgot Daniel. In reference to Daniel's suggestion of using silent film type makeup, I did actually consider makeup, but only to make him look dirtier, but then changed my mind, he is a more mischievous bum and from his attire you can tell he values his appearance. Also we weren't going for a specific silent movie style, it was more of an interpretation of our memories of Benny Hill mixed in with a bit of Fagin (Oliver Twist) style mischief and family friendly content. 
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