Remember The Beach?

Contest Name :Help Wanted, Submission Date :08-19-2008, Uploaded By : Sergio
Directed By :  sergio valdez, Videomaker,,
Shot On: canon hv20, Edited On: PC,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.47 mins
tijuana ,baja california , Mexico   Views: 10696
Inspiration: past relationships and how tense a phone call can be

effectively painful - it is hard to be the one that's dumped in the tango of a livetime. {Jury Member}
A nice premise, some nice editing. The story has potential but a few areas get distracting and fall flat for me. Just constructive criticism, take it or leave it. A proper prop gun at the end would have helped. All the best and congrats. 
Powerful stuff. Well written. Visually captivating. Deserved to win. Congrats! 
this had a nice feeling to it. simple but good story. would have liked to see an unexpected reveal but it works. Congrats! 
mira que bien tambien conosco a adriana podemos hacer algo los cuatro jajajjaa me gusta me gusta la fotografia bien  
Congratulations. I can hardly wait to see what you do next! ox  
I love it. It well done, well shot. great story line. 
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