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Contest Name :What On Earth, Submission Date :07-01-2008, Uploaded By : Johnny
Directed By :  Johnny O'Reilly, Filmmaker,New York,
Shot On: 35mm, Edited On: AVID,  Crew Members: 20  Duration: 3.83 mins
, , Russian Federation   Views: 484
Inspiration: My brother's sex life.

The Sands of time wait for no one. 
fun film. well done! 
pretty funny!!! 
hahahaha very very good...nice work guys 
Clever and funny. Very good acting. ***** 
great flick! 
good work. 
Do chwck put my film as well.\ http://www.filmaka.com/whatonearthvote1.php?sid=&serial=96&contest_id=259&page=currentsubmission&film_id=5fe69cee-ac51-102b-9a23-00301b4506f4 
Quirky and incredibly done. I can only hope to make shorts this good someday!  
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