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Contest Name :What On Earth, Submission Date :07-16-2008, Uploaded By : John
Directed By :  John Efthimiou, Computer Technician,Greece,
   Crew Members: 7  Duration: 2.86 mins
Corinthos ,Corinthos , Greece   Views: 836
Inspiration: My love for animals...

one of the best videos that I have seen...good job..! 
That was really touching... Thank you guys... 
I really dig this film. 
very nice video! cheers guys! 
very gooood film!!!very emotional!!! 
Good gob John,very creative.... Effects were great,well done...  
thanks allot guys... 
realy good job John, go ahead! i wish you good luck and to be the winner! 
Nice plot... Soundtrack terrifying... Good combination.... 
i like it very much..5 stars..! 
Very beautiful concept accompained with lovely music. A very good job. A silent film that tells a lot. 
nice movie.keep up the good work 
reality with really deep sense. 
very nice 5 stars  
Very good crew, especially the dog. Beautiful music. Nice work. 
I liked the combination of that simultaneously freaky and emotional music together with the sepia video concept. A seriously nice job echoing director's feelings. Touching! 
very good concept,nice music,it's fantastic work 
i like this cause is very good film and very good music 
i like this cause is very good film and very good music 
i like it cause of the good-emotional music and the good concept.great job.well done...5 stars 
interesting fun of silent theme good choise of music and of course i like the choice of sepia i will give u my vote for your creativity and the concept. Well done johny eli 
Beautiful and touching film. . .well done! 
I like it very much! good job! good luck! it is very important film!!! 
Very harmonious and instructive video! Well done! 
i like it very much...good luck m8 
they tald me that was nice...but that was great...good job johny 
nice job John, I like it very much. 
it was very nice and your dog was acting the dead one really good!  
thanks very very much 
thanks very very much 
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