Leaving The Ivory Tower

Contest Name :What On Earth, Submission Date :07-26-2008, Uploaded By : Lee
Directed By :  Lee Isserow, Producer,,
   Crew Members: 2  Duration: 2.21 mins
London ,England , United Kingdom   Views: 1986
Inspiration: Winner for What on Earth

Very good soundtrack. But primitive animation. Could have been a lot better ! 
very cool. touching.  
i like it somehow......i bit like persepolis it is 
This film worked beautifully, powerfully, and simply. I might think of removing the words at the end, but that is just one opinion!  {Jury Member}
An effective story told in a unique way. {Jury Member}
Beautifully drawn, great music, very talented. {Jury Member}
A beautiful piece of animation that made me think of the sadness of living alone and the fear of being different, yet the happiness and joy that come from realising that we have more in common as a people than we think. {Jury Member}
What a haunting film. Wonderful use of music! 
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