Come Stay

Contest Name :Truth OR Dare, Submission Date :07-31-2008, Uploaded By : Eric
Directed By :  Eric Spitzer-Marlyn, free lancer,,
Shot On: Panasonic NV-GS500, Edited On: Avid Liqid,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 2.98 mins
Altenburg ,NOE , Austria   Views: 646
Inspiration: shocking story on the news about a man who has locked kids in the basement for perverted amusement...

Interesting film.  
wow, well done. Scary and not in the horror genre meaning. 
disturbing and well shot. a marvelous young actress. soft creepy music. I liked that you suggested more than you showed. well done. 
Little bit sad story ,but good job! and music very ourstanding! 
Very Very chilling. I love the choice to only shoot the exterior of the building. Reminded me of Funny Games 
nice work. the little girl really did a wonderful job. check out my video Truth Or Dare: The Game Show, its on the lighter side, but let me know what u think 
Good stuff man. The girl was wonderful. 
Nice and elegant - (wish we could hear the mans voice closer and louder when we are inside the basement) 
Darkly funny. Thought the scene with the first girl went on a bit too long but other than that it was excellent 
Well done. The music really added a lot to this scene, but did not overpower the presence of the actors on-screen. I love how the guy says, "I need help." That was a little bit of foreshadowing. It's sad that this is a true story. 
a very good film, not sure of about the Truth or Dare concept but very well done. 
very beautiful film, touching and simple, I love the music too. 
Chilling film. And she's a very good actress. I thought it was very good. 
I can't believe this one didn't get through. 
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