Truth Or Dare: The Game Show

Contest Name :Truth OR Dare, Submission Date :08-03-2008, Uploaded By : CJ
Directed By :  Dan Brown, Visual Effects Assistant,,
Shot On: Canon XL2, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 15  Duration: 2.70 mins
Los Angeles ,CA , United States   Views: 805
Inspiration: The guy in the question mark suit trying to give away government money.

Very Funny, Good Production Value... I love the snake bite, the actors did a nice job with the physical comedy. The sound ties in very nice and puts a cap on the whole thing. The idea is very original and its nice to see something that isn't so creepy...haha 
Dammit, that goes in the shortlist, dudes. Randy Hines "Truth and Dare" 
Good stuff. Funny and high energy. Loved the CG snake very convincing! 
Hilarious-great energy, pace-I loved the tables being turned on the host. 
This made me laugh. Great lead guy, he's got a lot of high energy. It was nice and enjoyable most of the way and then it kicked ass at the end, fantastic ending!  
really damn funny, i liked the annoying energy of the host hahaha 
Loved it..... 
Nicely done. Good job. 
hahaha.. that was nuts.. well done.. can i keep your playstation? hahahaha.. 
funny as hell. shortlisted.  
now that was one greasy host 
Thanks for your comments on my TRUTH or DARE film - I think your film is Funny and the leading part is awesome. I would had put him in a tight suit as the ones they wear in the Olympics sliding ;-) 
liked it...good one 
Like it, actually you could make a little series out of it, making fun out of the stupid tv programs. Have a look at mine and tell me what you think if you want.  
very nice, man... shortlisted!! 
too funny! 
Now this is a perfect example of why this monthly contest is great, you took the theme and made it hilarous and yet very unique. Best I've seen, shortlisted for sure, also I have a production company and would love to work with you.... 
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