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Contest Name :Truth OR Dare, Submission Date :08-03-2008, Uploaded By : Sara
Directed By :  Sara Lohman, Executive Assistant,,
Shot On: HVX200, Edited On: FinalCut Pro,  Crew Members: 8  Duration: 3.00 mins
Los Angeles ,CA , United States   Views: 1509
Inspiration: Divine inspiration

Nice! love the concept, definitely made me laugh. You should check out my vid Truth Or Dare: The Game Show. Hurray to the comedies 
I loved it-I like to put God in my pieces too (the real One never answers my calls though)-it was real funny and I enjoyed the ending. Keep up the work. 
Nicely done, fun acting. Got a little too quiet there (audio I mean) towards the end but otherwise well executed and fun concept. 
Hahahhahaha I love it... 
Definitely the still image that caught my attention the most and the movie is very funny and enjoyable. Weird and crazy. Nice job. 
lol, well done. 
Very striking. Well done. 
bloody loved it. simple plot and good casting. you got my vote. good luck sara. 
A well done, and light-hearted interpretation of the theme, considering the cast of characters. Keep up the good work. 
If you have trouble viewing this format, there is another version in my profile. Thanks for viewing!!!  
this is brilliant! hahaha nice work! 
Love it! Comic Genius all the way through 
very funny nice job  
When I first looked at it, I was like...what are these people talking about...I hit play, and loved it from start to finish...well done 
Everyone, thanks so much for your awesome comments and thanks for watching!!! 
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