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Contest Name :Truth OR Dare, Submission Date :08-03-2008, Uploaded By : Fidel
Directed By :  Scottnes L Smith, Commercials Director,,
Shot On: Panasonic DVX100B, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 4  Duration: 3.59 mins
Johannesburg ,Gauteng , South Africa   Views: 660
Inspiration: How does a man decide in what order to throw away the rest of his life?

Other than a minor blip in the editing early on (I think) your film was expertly edited and had a wonderful look to the cinematography. Loved the soundtrack there at the end and the intensity of the performances throughout. Well done! Check out Truth and Dare by Randy Hines when you get a chance. 
Very nicely made short. 
Powerful end really. I still don't understand why the guy didn't shoot him straight away... but a part from that is really strong. Like it. 
To Dario, why did you want the guy to shot?! this is much stronger... Big up Fidel 
Wow, nicely shot-loved the music. 
superb.. very tense. 
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