T.O.D. With The G.O.D.

Contest Name :Truth OR Dare, Submission Date :08-03-2008, Uploaded By : Anshul
Directed By :  The Man in the House, Editor,,
Shot On: Sony TRV22, Edited On: FCP,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 3.00 mins
Mumbai ,Maharashtra , India   Views: 1721
Inspiration: Flat Number 13 - Ep3.

anshul! once again yours is the first film i click on to watch, and once again, kudos! you're taking your flat no. 13 theme to all kinds of places, which is very cool to see. this one i love because you're back to the "anshul visuals" and, best of all, your sense of humor comes through loud and clear. 
yay! apt13! Well done! xo, Delfine 
Keep doing what you're doing, it was fun. 
Really enjoyed this man. 
So slick, so funny. Well done. 
Good Graphics and effects, funny concept, nice to see some comedy on here. Would have liked different characters, as I was a little confused at first...but nicely done...check out mine, its really funny...Truth or Dare: The Game Show 
hey again, you actually read about the omelettes haha.... anyways methinks you're going to the shortlist. good luck. 
nice tie in to your other films. hehehe 
bro...t.o.d and g.o.d means v.e.r.y v.e.r.y g.o.o.d ! 
Hysterical work. I've talked to god, and he's always saying stuff like this. He's a bastard. 
anshul ji joshi ji good short boss... 
Nice job-I enjoyed this-I always thought God cheated, now, here's the proof. Good visuals. 
A very original spiritual take on the "ToD" game show!! nice visuals, love the intro... Felt very "trent Reznor-esque"... nice1!! See you next time with osama!! 
Brilliant! A little moody for me in the very beginning but once the game show started, that was gold, man...shortlisted Randy Hines "Truth and Dare" 
hahaha! cant wait to see Flat no13 go on the road!  
50 peer votes....wow i figured you'd have to be a computer programmer from India to get that many votes with a film this ...oh wait that is the case... 
Well, I don't know who voted for me either... I've got the G.O.D. on my side with this one, I guess... :) Thanks to whoever voted... Cheers! 
Awesome as always! TV game shows, eat your heart out - Mr J is in da houze ... ;-) Nyay 
Well done!!! 
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