Contest Name :Truth OR Dare, Submission Date :09-28-2008, Uploaded By : Pat
Directed By :  Pat Kelman, Writer/Director,,
Shot On: HVX-200, Redrock M2, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 2.59 mins
Greenwich ,London , United Kingdom   Views: 3210
Inspiration: Dardenne Brothers. Making Amends. Family Secrets. Guilt. Cast: Heather Coombs, Lex Barker Crew: Pat Kelman, Imran Uppal

WOOHOO! Way to go, Pat! It has been a real plasure seeing what you come up with each month. I knew your subtlety and amazing ability to coax great performances from actors would pay off. Congrats! 
This is superb. Congratulations on the win! I can't wait to see your next film!! 
Excellent stuff! No one does "less is more" so damn effectively as you Pat! 
really good indeed, its awesome that now you're a finalist pat! keep on the good work 
congrats mate!! 
great job pat... you've captured the moment really well... great photography by imran... congrats on making it through! 
If I had to loose I'm glad it was to someone as talented, and intelligent as you. Lovely film! The acting is sublime as always. 
congrats pat! xo. delfine 
Thanks to all for your kind and generous feedback. I'm very grateful for the friends I have made here on Filmaka, and look forward to seeing us all grow and flourish over time. Cheers, 
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