Coffin Nail

Contest Name :On the Road, Submission Date :09-03-2008, Uploaded By : Craig
Directed By :  Craig Lenihan & Diego Calderon, Photographer,,
Shot On: Panasonic DVX, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.00 mins
Beverly Hills ,CA , United States   Views: 1125
Inspiration: Inspired by "On The Road" concept and North by Northwest filming location in Wasco, CA.

Nice one. 
Enjoyed it, well done! 
An enjoyable film... thanks 
nice job and a great concept. Enjoyed it very much. 
if only in our darkest of times we can get a call like that. pretty cinematography, very watchable lead, and interesting concept. I also admired how you didn't use very much dialogue. great job! 
Enjoyed this. 
Good work. Atmospheric location and cinematography and good acting that contributes to the theme.  
1) classic composition 2 ) silence is golden , you proved it in the film 3) enjoyed it a lot,,, 4) thats it hahahaha!!! nice work Craig!!! 
Nice composition and great visual storytelling. I enjoyed it very much. 
you are the lucky person when you win the contest. good story & technique . 
Very good 
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