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Contest Name :On the Road, Submission Date :09-04-2008, Uploaded By : Pat
Directed By :  Pat Kelman, Writer/Director,,
Shot On: HVX-200, Redrock M2, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 4  Duration:
Greenwich ,London , United Kingdom   Views: 4995
Inspiration: Dardennes. Memories. Addiction. Cast: Alec Christie, Louie Christie, Silvana Maimone. Crew: Pat Kelman, Alec Christie, Imran Uppal, Arun Rama Varna

nice emotional piece pat this time!!! 
Another fantastic piece of work, Pat. The end is truly affecting. Well done. 
Superb acting, nice and emotional. Congrats 
Great film and wonderful acting. Incredible filmaking Pat! 
Yes Yes Yes. Great film Pat. In my opinion the best yet. Beautifully acted, shot and directed. Anyone who has brothers would connect with this piece. Emotional stuff!  
good and nicely balanced movie 
This is the best I've seen so far. Excellent work!  
Well done fellas, I like where you're going. Could spawn an interesting feature length story. I really liked the lead actor. Contemplative and thoughtful. Wonderful job Pat! Thanks so much, I appreciate the work put in. xoxo, Delfine 
Hey mate, Just saw this, nice work! 
Good film. 
Hey, Pat. Great job. I liked it. I liked the main character. Loved the super-8 projector, the dialogue. The pace is real slow, painfully so, but very appropriate. The bloke who comes to crash on the couch is GREAT. Great actor. Good job. 
Nice work Pat. I fancy the lead actor, though the secondary one was a bit distracting from the core, well over the top. None the less, I very much enjoyed watching it your film and wish you all the best. Bob 
Really nicely done. Drew me in and held me to the end. I loved the way nothing is overstated yet it says so much. Powerful story telling. 
Wow very engaging.. brilliant. 
wonderful. charming. 
Thanks to everyone for their feedback and comments. I'm very grateful to Alec for asking me to direct this piece. For those of you who asked about the Super 8 footage used in the film, the footage is home movies of the actors Alec and Louie, from when they were little. Yes, they are genuinely brothers, and yes it is actually them. The footage was shot by their father in 1981. I think it adds an extra poignancy to that final scene. Thanks again, everyone. A great set of entries this time, and I'm very grateful for all the peer votes.  
wonderful film. i love the understatement, particularly in the peppers, how one brother almost east and the other eats half, showing no reaction. the ending is very moving.  
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