Will's Road Trip

Contest Name :On the Road, Submission Date :09-05-2008, Uploaded By : Nate
Directed By :  Nate Bower, Creative Director,,
Shot On: Sony HDV, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 4  Duration: 3.05 mins
Brandon ,MB , United States   Views: 869
Inspiration: Almost on the road.

What a nice little scene, Nate. I hope it gets the votess it deserves. It IS geting mine anyway. 
Great film. Great concept. 
Strange how we (Terrible Road) ended up with such similar sets.  
Really nice indeed, Loved the setting. Short listed. 
I was laughing the hole film, is so funny. Good luck 
Great job! I saw some of your other movies too and they've all been enjoyable. Keep it up, I'll keep watching. 
Hahaha....very cool...I liked how you dropped "On the road" into it with the director...very well done 
Had huge identification with this. Nice one. 
I love it....very good! 
lovely movie thanks.. 
Good stuff, well done! 
excellent, very well done 
Great photography, man. Loved the long shot with the casting director silhouetted. Great premise, great ending. And I loved the way the storyline from the reading mirrored Will's own situation. Adding "On The Road" at the end was a great touch, too. 
Good job Nate. Definately something I understand.  
Oh, I really like this one! Nice work. 
Well done once again! Enjoyed the concept a bunch! Cheers! 
I LIke the concept. 
this was funny! i liked how the dialogue went with context of the main character's situation. very clever.  
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