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Contest Name :The First Day, Submission Date :10-03-2008, Uploaded By : Lee
Directed By :  Lee Isserow, Film & TV make-happener,,
Shot On: Canon xlh1, Edited On: Premiere CS3,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 2.18 mins
London ,England , United Kingdom   Views: 1414
Inspiration: Matty lost his leg in July. He wasn't allowed to hang it on his wall; so this film is dedicated to it. Much thanks to Ilana Levy & Campbell Price too.

I'll have trouble cooking the stew I was preparing tonight thinking about this one. Good work! 
Even though I'm a vegetarian I really enjoyed it. What was really powerful was the ambiguity of the shot of two heads/feet moving under the duvet. Well done ! 
Really great film,Keep it up. 
oh my god this is gret work :) 
Powerful and moving stuff. Thoughtful without being sentimental. 
it shows us a reality of war(?) that many don't think about and the meat being chopped I think is good symbolism. It makes his pain be felt and the reality of his situation is new to us as it is to him. Very good work. 
Wow... pretty speechless, tough to comment on this one... A little graphic but well done For a lighter film check out PFI: Party Foul Investigation its the same contest just a different take on 'First Day' ...let me know what you think  
i luv chicken very much LOLZ.. not bad..  
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