First Day Of The Pickup

Contest Name :The First Day, Submission Date :10-05-2008, Uploaded By : Matthew
Directed By :  Matthew Kalish, Filmmaker, Creative ,,
Shot On: HVX, Edited On: FCP,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 2.76 mins
Santa Monica ,NY , United States   Views: 1568
Inspiration: A man and his life coach take to the streets to find a woman.

Wow, that freaked me out!!  
This one was cool. Engaging and well acted. Nice work.  
Nice film and nice idea. The talking lips on forehead grossed me out a little bit though. 
I thought it was funny and original, nice job. 
Adorable and creative. Made me really smile. 
I'm so happy I've no mouth on my forehead... lol... shortlisted! :) 
Loved it. Your acting is incredible. Your dialogs were sharp, fast, funny and well delivered. The mouth become a character on itsell the first time it open... itself. This is the kind of situation every guy face at least once in is life, and you made us live it once again. Pure hell transformed into magic in less than a few second. Good music too. Really nice job. 
nice animation and idea :) 
Great acting! 
So far, the only performance driven entry I've seen. Very brave. 
Wow it was so engaging. Great acted and edited and all. You got my vote! :) 
Excellent job... great idea and the acting is incredible... a vote from me!!!! 
Great job-loved the acting. 
Loved it! Great acting, great idea, so cute and funny! 
great acting! shortlisted.  
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