Hurry To Be Early

Contest Name :The First Day, Submission Date :10-05-2008, Uploaded By : Greg
Directed By :  Greg Wulczynski Cody Garner, student,,
Shot On: LG1 Canon, Edited On: Pinnacle Movie Studi,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 2.97 mins
Chewelah ,WA , United States   Views: 540
Inspiration: Everybody who gets up in the morning, makes mistakes which delay them. I wanted to exploit this.

Damn it! Hahaha..that was good!  
hahaha, I saw that twist coming but it still made me laugh. great lead actor. awesome job. 
Damn it! LOL 
That was a pretty fat file he was c arrying for the first day...i dont wanna be working there... A car went by just when the news paper hit the character, do they deliver news papers in cars these days...damn it. It was funny, there was a similar one where the guy showed up a week in advance. 
God, this is a very funny video and I'm not just saying that because I'm your father. Good work-Cody did a great job. 
Hope that never happens to me, the story goes well with the month's theme, keep the good job. 
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