The Day They Shut The Border

Contest Name :The First Day, Submission Date :10-08-2008, Uploaded By : Scott
Directed By :  Scott Rutherford, Film Student,,
Shot On: HDV, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.08 mins
Santa Monica ,CA , United States   Views: 3068
Inspiration: Some Americans complain immigration takes US jobs. What if they shut the border and gave all those jobs back? This might be one of the consequences.

Had problems viewing this. Wouldn't play :( 
Same here. Played really bad. Choppy. Too bad, seams really funny. 
There was a lot of potential in this subject, I expected it to turn out a little funnier. This was certainly a very unique and original topic, gotta give it to you for that. The home owner looked and acted like John malkovich in "burn after reading" especially when he said "what the fuck". nice performances overall. 
I enjoyed this-had to think it over, but..... 
Funny concept, in the construction world thats actually how it goes sometimes...writing and acting was good check out PFI: Party Foul Investigation...its also in this first day contest...a comedy you may enjoy, 
You can't think about making a movie with all the shorts here, some of them are very well made but have an idea which does not support a long story. Here I think we got maybe the most innovative and most creative idea for a movie. 
Great short. Fun characters. Very engaging. Got my vote. "Here's the thing"..haha. 
Cool idea. The dialogue and acting are excellent. Really funny. I loved it. 
Very funny. Good idea, good acting, the two guys are perfect. 
I liked it :) 
Great, Shortlisted 
Maz is the fucking shit man!! Kick those assholes outta your house! 
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