One Moment

Contest Name :Pros and Con Games, Submission Date :11-16-2008, Uploaded By : Steven
Directed By :  Steven Baker, Director,,
 Edited On: Avid,  Crew Members: 6  Duration: 3.00 mins
Warkworth ,North Island , New Zealand   Views: 794
Inspiration: This is based on a story we heard at a Promise Keepers conference, and thought it was an interesting way to subvert the standard 'con' genre.

I really like this film. You will have my vote. Check my film out. It's called The Con. A film by Blake Brewer 
Good tension builder... some very interesting shots too. Well done. 
Nice looking shots. Loved the visuals. Good lighting. Great job. Shortlisted. 
A well made film, great camera work. 
Liked the acting ! Maxime "The Break of the century" 
Loved the visual narrative. Good acting and editing. Very well performed. Congratulations.  
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