Evening Gala

Contest Name :Pros and Con Games, Submission Date :11-17-2008, Uploaded By : Ricardo
Directed By :  Ricardo de Almeida, Filmmaker,,
Shot On: Canon XHA1, Edited On: FCP,  Crew Members: 7  Duration: 3.59 mins
Lisbon ,Lisbon , Portugal   Views: 1462
Inspiration: Based on a apparently true event...

Elegant, moody photography, film noir.... I think the ending could be better resolved... but definitively in my shortlist... well done 
Hahah i loved this, very stylish.. agree with Robin about the ending. nice work. 
too more close up.... 
excellent script...guauu... shortlist!!! 
Excellent...really lked this one. Beautifully shot, impecable sound. Shortlisted. 
Amazing execution. I love when you don't quite know what they are talking about in the beginning until it reveals. 
Subtle and creative... Very enjoyable. 
Loved it.  
Haha, brilliant ... very real, I thought. I really enjoyed that. 
Nicely done 
this shit hapend in one simpsons episode, they got tickets to the boat wiht glass bottom, when they back a thief is inside the house. please be original, this is not creative. you took this idea from simpsons. 
Dear Skuh Lee I give importance to positive as well as negative criticizing as long as it is constructive. But I can't bear gratuity and unfair attacks. For your information, and I do mention it at the beginning of the film that this idea is not mine, it is something I heard, one of these stories people talk about and you never know if it's true or not. I took the story and made a 3 minute film, period. I never said it was an original script or a personal idea. Who knows where it came from? You say it was from the Simpsons? maybe, maybe not. The truth is that I just shot something I had heard. Now stop being offensive and check my other films to see if I robbed anymore Simpsons' ideas. DonĀ“t come to Filmaka to bring bad vibes and unfairly criticize. Fill in your profile, go out and shoot something, be creative! 
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