Frankie' Jewels

Contest Name :Pros and Con Games, Submission Date :11-20-2008, Uploaded By : Andreas
Directed By :  Andreas Wielend, Manager,,
Shot On: Canon XH A1, Edited On: Final Cut pro,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 2.13 mins
Redondo Beach ,California , United States   Views: 1876

This is really slick, cool and impressive, but obviously not made specifically for this contest and is just a trailer for a feature. It really shouldn't be eligible at all in this competition. 
This looks nice but its a TRAILER for a feature film. This contest is for short films. 
Trailers are admitted in this competition, in case you did not notice when you are choosing the Genre when uploading your film, there is actually a category for movie trailers. I think it is completly eligible and this guy should be directing "Too Fucking Fast and Too Fucking Furious" in Hollywood. Andreas, you've got the action movie skills right on the spot. 
Absolutely trailers are OK, but the whole point of the contest is for everyone to have just one month to make the film based on the provided criteria and no one has an unfair advantage. No one is questioning that the work is sweet... it totally is. 
sorry I apologize that i chose the wrong genre. 
God, this is bitchy ! Maxime "The Break of the century" 
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