Contest Name :The Party, Submission Date :01-05-2009, Uploaded By : Horst
Directed By :  Horst Kloever, Writer, Filmmaker,,
Shot On: Canon, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 2.99 mins
Berlin ,Berlin , Germany   Views: 743
Inspiration: There are many suicides on New Year' Eve. One attempt was avoided by an angel - who left a party to save a life.

I like this :) 
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Whoa, some great stuff here. Tremendous opening and closing. Loved that tunnel shot! Beautiful! Good job. 
Beautiful film.. loved the angel touch at the end.. :) 
very nice. wonderful faces on those actors, good casting and good CU shots. cool editing in the party scene and beautiful shot of them walking away under the arch. 
great shots... actors... story ... i liked this 
It really is a wonderful life... :) Beautiful shots. 
i think this is a wonderful film, so simple and so pure...  
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