Contest Name :The Party, Submission Date :01-12-2009, Uploaded By : Jose Antonio
Directed By :  Jose Antonio Perez Ramirez, Director,,
Shot On: After Effects, Edited On: Adobe Premiere,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 2.57 mins
Castellar ,Ja%uFFFDn , Spain   Views: 838
Inspiration: A man remember last party, when his girlfriend died on a terrorist attack, on Bosnia-Herzegobina. This man live alone and remember another life.

Some terrific stuff here. Is it supposed to just stop like it does? Loved your two actors. Editing and cinematography are very well done too. 
A man lost his girlfriend when star the war in Bosnia, great! ... And so sad, poor boy. 
good job... all the way... i was impressed 
I love this film for some reason I don't know, I just do! 
Good stuff! I thought the ending could be clearer (so it couldn't be interpreted as an error), also the music fought with the dialogue at times. Good luck, 
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