Party In A Box

Contest Name :The Party, Submission Date :01-12-2009, Uploaded By : Jon-Paul
Directed By :  Jon-Paul Stracco, Sarah Gidley, health care,,
Shot On: Panasonic, Edited On: Adobe,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.00 mins
Florence ,MA , United States   Views: 755
Inspiration: Depressed couple sees strange commercial on TV for a "Party in a Box"...

hi! very funny anecdote...there is a lot of love and humour in your movie! bravo! watch our movie, chair on the ceiling in this competition theo and raph 
Great fun! one of the most entertaining films in the competition. one piece of advice: whenever you have a character or more watch a fake ad on a TV screen, you should initially show that ad on a TV screen, as opposed to just cutting to the full ad. therefore the viewer doesn't get disoriented. great job! this is on my short list!!! 
way cool... there's nothing wrong with it 
hahahahahahaha cool  
Nice quirky short. 
Well Done. and true to fact! Every Perty has Ritz Crackers. Loved it! 
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