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Contest Name :Fresh Start, Submission Date :02-21-2009, Uploaded By : Mans
Directed By :  Mans Wide, Student,,
Shot On: HVX 200, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 7  Duration: 3.27 mins
Gothenburg ,V�stra G�taland , Sweden   Views: 1415
Inspiration: Narnia, obviously, and the very boring life in the swedish countryside, and how most sweeds are in desperate need of a fresh start.

Tight film... great filming, well done. 
Very well done... Nice camera, lighting and good acting. 
Ha ha. Really nice. How can they be together such differences! Grrrreat execution! 
I really enjoyed this. Very well shot! 
One of the best, well done. 
well directed and shot. i particularly like the lighting for your bathroom mirror pov. 
Thanks, I'm really happy you people seems to like it! 
I like the Alice in Wonderland concept, and the dolley shot (real or simulated) in the wardrobe. I think I understand how it fits within the fresh start concept. 
Wow, very well made and good acting. :) 
The actor is well casted -- JMH 
The female lead is excellent! 
Always good to see a film from you Mans, very uplifting! 
that was awesome. excellent cinematography, and great editing. 
Loved the begging. Great film!  
Great camera work, lighting. Very nicely done. 
This was really fun. The complete opposite in energys between the actors adds a lot to the wonderful feel of the wardrobe. Very nice. There are some great shots in this. 
This was the last film I had to see for this contest and this was a complete masterpiece. Everything was perfect. You so deserve to win.  
That guy was amazing in his zombie mode! 
by the way, i voted for you 
Excellent work, a perfect cast and very professional looking cinematography. Bravo! 
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