Divorce A Fresh Start

Contest Name :Fresh Start, Submission Date :02-21-2009, Uploaded By : Jonathan
Directed By :  Jonathan Brayer, Visual Effects,,
Shot On: DVX-100A, Edited On: Final Cut,  Crew Members: 14  Duration: 2.86 mins
Elmsdale ,Nova Scotia , Canada   Views: 1131
Inspiration: RAD-JIM Production *Credit Error - Missing Name Kyla McKenna - Caterer Elmer Berenstein - Ghostbuster Soundtrack

Effects were fun. That seems on par with the divorces I have heard of. The soundtrack- is it permissible to use other movie soundtracks on these shorts? 
Visual humor like the guy standing there with laundry and powdered soap on his head cracks me up. Good job on the lighting and photography. 
Good directing! Funny!!! Perfect ending for an imperfect wedding. 
The monitor falling on the woman's head was awesome! I don't mean that in a sick twisted way.... but from a filmmaker's perspective! :-) 
too many hubbys gathering for drinks at a pub end up with a script like this. 
ooooo/...man ....scary...great...vikas t. 
i would say pick up your pacing. 
very nice twist....I need your recipe for brain matter...nice.... 
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