The Other End Of The Line

Contest Name :Fresh Start, Submission Date :02-22-2009, Uploaded By : Abhijit
Directed By :  Suravi Pradhan & Abhijit Das, Director,,
Shot On: Sony EX1, Edited On: FCP,  Crew Members: 10  Duration: 3.02 mins
Mumbai ,Maharashtra , India   Views: 911
Inspiration: The loneliness of neglect...

liked the camerawork! and I also once upon a time had the clock u have at the start...its a very granny kind of clock though..still remember...nice job guys! 
I really liked every single bit of this one. A lot. Excellent work. 
A true beauty. Congrats.. 
well done, beautifully shot. 
Beautiful short film. I generally feel like suicide is too complex of a topic to cover in a short film like this, but you proved me wrong. :)  
I short listed this one the first time I saw it. Good choice of music. Very good lonely shots. This is nicely done. Good title. 
A wonderfully captured moment.. one of the best 
Very nice... good work guys! 
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