Contest Name :Fresh Start, Submission Date :02-22-2009, Uploaded By : Aliakbar
Directed By :  Aliakbar Campwala, Freelance Cook,,
Shot On: HD, Edited On: FCP/After Effects,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 2.95 mins
Luton ,Bedfordshire , United Kingdom   Views: 1585
Inspiration: Our Past...Our Mistakes..Its time to move forward...

Good twist.. didnt see it coming! Nice camerawork & cuts too.. shortlisted! 
that is very clever. 
brilliantly done. love the acting. also love the editing. nice work. got my vote for sure... 
Good concept... you did great for a freelance cook... :) 
Briliant story, great effects and great acting!! 
does anybody know when voting for "HARD TIMES" is going to begin????? 
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