Contest Name :Fresh Start, Submission Date :02-22-2009, Uploaded By : Nguyen-Anh
Directed By :  Nguyen-Anh Nguyen, Filmmaker,,
Shot On: RED One, Edited On: Final Cut Studio 2,  Crew Members: 5  Duration: 3.33 mins
Montreal ,Qc , Canada   Views: 1626
Inspiration: A young Vietnamese boy is adjusting in subtle ways to western life.

Well done guys. A simple idea is always great for a 3mins short. The little guy was amazing. I like the cinematography of the film. I felt that it was shot on red I don't know why. Only one suggestion Ray, when the little boy is facing the fence you should have pan a bit to the left (place him to the right side of the frame) to leave more space in front of his face and when he turns and looks back slightly pan to the right (place him to the left side of the frame). Maybe you disagree with me, but it is just my personal opinion. If it was a conscious decision it could be good as well. Hence, this composition makes me feel so uncomfortable just as the little boy feels in the new area. By the way all the other shots were pretty nice. All the best, Aaron  
Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!  
Thank you guys. It's a very simple idea I had when I thought of my first year in Canada. Beautiful, yet lonely times. It was shot in 2 days on the RED.  
Beautiful, the image looks amazing, a great little story that all of us who have been away from our country in our childhood have felt deeply. Very nice work, loved it. 
very nice, thumbs up :)  
wonderful stuff, very evocative, love the absence of the mother's face, keeps you looking at the world through his eyes. beautiful. 
Hi Aaron. I agree with you . However the outdoor condition at that the time made it so that simple pan would show a cars that burn out in the background too much. So I decided to stick with the discomforting frame as an aesthic choice rather then conceptually. I do appreciate your comment. Thanks Ray  
Well shot, eloquently simple. Well directed. See "Maria, Maria" if you get the chance. Looking forward to your next. Best, JM Harper 
excellent cinematography here. 
One of my favorites, that´s for sure! Simple idea, but very well done. 
Yep. Well done. 
gotta love this! 
beautiful imagery 
I just adore this. Favourited and shortlisted! 
All I can say is wow. 
I'm very impressed. This is awesome. The most pro I've seen thus far. Sound Mixing and Editing superb. Shortlisted 
real beauty 
This is so sweet ! Excellent cinematograhy !  
I'm greatly inspired 
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