It Depends On Who's Calling

Contest Name :Fresh Start, Submission Date :02-22-2009, Uploaded By : Lee
Directed By :  Lee Sjostrom, artist/filmmaker,,
Shot On: HD camcorder, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 2.98 mins
Toronto ,Ontario , Canada   Views: 1508
Inspiration: A middle aged woman has lost all interest in life until she gets 4 quirky telemarketing calls.

You are one talented person I must say...acting, directing, painting, composing etc etc..! Congratulations....this is great! Good job! 
This is excellent! 
You did an impressive job ! You are a really gifted actress !  
Thanks, Maxime :-) 
Also, Thanks Rasunari and Shilpa ;-) I'm really new at Filmka User Comments. 
well done... 
Great work... Very good acting. Really nice. 
LOL, I meant Yasunari (not Rasunari) thanks, and also now thanks to Johnny and abhijit :-) 
absolutely LOVE the dialogue of the telemarketers :) 
Totally awesome for one person! You are an incredibly talented woman! 
Thanks, Owen and Ro :-) 
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