"Mental Dental"

Contest Name :Fresh Start, Submission Date :02-25-2009, Uploaded By : Trip
Directed By :  Trip Gruver, Director,,
Shot On: Canon XHA-1, Edited On: Mac with FCP,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.03 mins
Indian Harbour Beach ,FL , United States   Views: 946
Inspiration: A lost soul awakens to a new dental purpose in life inspired by an impassioned Miss America. Updated in "My Personal Films".

very novel concept! 
This is weird and funny ! Loved it ! Max "Diary of a Jerk" 
ROFLMAO! I have a toothache from watching it! It's funny and well made! 
I love the bizarre...this fits right there....nice. 
Oddly beautiful. A touch of Lynch. I actually like that the woman at the end was happy with her new screwed up smile. 
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