Little Magic

Contest Name :Smoke & Mirrors, Submission Date :06-20-2009, Uploaded By : David
Directed By :  David Chabashvili, Filmmaker, Photographer,,
Shot On: Canon HDV30, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 4  Duration: 2.97 mins
Tbilisi ,Georgia , Georgia   Views: 1585
Inspiration: There are little magics that make life beautiful. Inspired by my own childhood.

What was this shot on? I'm guessing the Sony EX1. Am I wrong? 
Really amazing images. You make it look effortless. Well done!  
This is good David... the night scene at the table lacked the warmth of the rest of the movie, which had good use of light and post-ed... but its a charming story. 
Nice camera work and lighting. Well done. Please check out my film "together again" and let me know what you think. 
Loved it! I also agree with Robin about the night scene at the table. He put the kitchen light on, so it should have been warmer... Also, I noticed that the clock was working, but the time differed very little even though time had passed... And another question I have is how did the baby get the clock.? Too young to grab it from that height and it didn't really show me that she'd done it magically ;-) 
Lee, those are little magics in life ;) I deliberately have different tints for each part...the start is not-quite-warm, the night shots are cold like hopeless state of mind and body, and the last part is the most warmest :) Babys are never too old to grab things that one might think are unreachable for them ;) and yes little magic is involved ;) 
Cute and fun story. Great quality work in the camera and lighting. The music also works very well.  
The music was very evocative. Good camera work as well 
Beautiful cinematography, confidently executed. Satisfying story too! Shortlisted.  
David, great job I enjoyed it a lot. Wonderful cinematography! If you could check out my short Tricky Health Care, it would be great to have your feedback!  
Good use of a child actor. I really enjoyed this film. Quiet and very well told. 
Really magic. You achieved great textures and moments with your light. And the music plays a lot on this. ANd the ending is really moving. Amusing and really enjoyable. I think magic is every moment he tries and tries without giving up. Congrats! Shortlisted at once. Check out my film "The Visit" 
The baby at the end was a great surprise! The sharp contrast between the seriousness in the beginning of the film and the humor at the end makes this a great short! 
Gorgeous look. What did you shoot on and use to grade the film. Magic Bullet? Looked wonderful. I really liked the introduction to the piece. Just a little mysterious and not too right-on-the-head.  
Excellent story, composition, great film. There is a "Little Magic" in everyones life and you captured it! Congratulations! 
Gorgeous cinematography - the lighting was amazing, particually when he was in bed. And a really sweet little story - the ending made me laugh. I would shortlist this for the cinematography alone but the story just makes it even more magical. Loved it!  
Awesome, very well done. 
Really cute idea! Nice sound and perfect picture. Cute baby in the end - didn't just steal the clock but many hearts too. Super! 
The intro grabbed me right away. IT was funny in a cute way and very effective. The end was fun. It made smile. But I have to admit I failed on imagining the baby grabbing the clock in some way. How could she reach it so quickly? But I guess that's the idea with a film. MAGIC!! Nice one David. Good luck!!!  
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