Contest Name :Smoke & Mirrors, Submission Date :06-22-2009, Uploaded By : Roy
Directed By :  Roy Calderon, Internal Comunication,,
Shot On: HD, Edited On: ADOBE premiere,  Crew Members: 5  Duration: 3.33 mins
Tijuana ,Baja California , Mexico   Views: 1496
Inspiration: In the darkness, the truth lies hidden in a world we create out of our own reality.

That slumped over being was scary. Good looney bin characters. 
I love the mood of your film achieved by music and good cinematography. Scary. Well done.Please check out my film "together again" and let me know what you think.  
It was well done! Good production value in location and wardrobe as well as cinematography and editing... The reality in the mind of a mental patient was portrayed with excellent acting. Then it cut off sudden;y with no ending, and it was over 3 minutes ;-( lee~ 'Backwards In Time'...  
Muy buena produccion. Y me encanto los monstruos, ¿como lo hiciste? Felicitaciones, me gusto mucho el corto.  
The first half is excellent. I thought the film dragged on for too long after the switch to reality. 
Well told story. Great handling of location and extras. It seemed to start off a little slow, but everything kicked up a notch once he leaves the room - including the cinematography which became excellent. Really great job on this one. Interesting story. 
Roy, that was real cool!!!  
Cool stuff Roy. I like the mix of black and white with colour, the whole parallel between the fiction of the mind, which can be real, contrasted against the reality of the situation. What effects program did you use for the demon? Best of luck!  
Hey. Buena peli, y linda foto. Felicidades! Tienes mi voto. Me gustó más el que hiciste para el anterior "Relativity" pero este está muy bueno.  
Where did you shoot this? The scenery is fantastic. I really liked the walk down the hallway and the creature was super creepy 
Great editing and art direction!  
awesome film!!!!!!!!please check out "BEE IN THE WEB" and let me know ur reviews!!!!!!! 
You scared me. That was totally nutz.  
very nice filmic look to the cinematography. Would have liked some dialogue but I think the images you presented carried the story along. Good camera work as well Randy Hines Sorcerer's Apprentice: Season One 
The start is excellent. The end was a little too long for my liking. Really good sense of horror and shots. good, good stuff. great sound scape too.  
Great work! Love the style of it and your use of color. Interesting concept too. I really enjoyed the visuals and the creatures. Great stuff! Shortlisted! 
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