Big Mistake

Contest Name :The Other Side, Submission Date :07-15-2009, Uploaded By : Dan
Directed By :  Dan Turner, Director,,
Shot On: Redrock Micro, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 7  Duration: 2.32 mins
Bovingdon ,Herts , United Kingdom   Views: 1260
Inspiration: One mistake can change your life forever.

nice acting, good punch line 
It's nice to see story. 
Great production quality. Excellent dialogue. The actors are VERY good. The ending is well conceived and delivered. Nice bit of foreshadowing in the flashback sequence. There is an awkward cut when he puts his phone away upon meeting Clayton, but otherwise the visuals are very smooth and well put together. Bravo! Check out "An Undisclosed Undertaking" when you can.  
Very nicely shot. Was that Keshia Watson I saw there? I worked with her a few years back, damn talented actress. 
Good in every aspect: nice shots, acting, editing, foreshadowing! 
Love it! Great acting, cinematography and the end, the end was great! 
nice twist on the other side...:) 
beautiful!!!LOVED the ending......great acting and also loved the background with yellow trees and stuff......everything was perfect...good job and all the best!!! - jai nat (The footprints") 
Excellent work! you should be proud. I'm all about story too. Check out "Judge me be me"  
Great tension through the whole film. Very well made! 
Loved the editing, cinematography, and acting. Great filmmaking. The ending is very affecting. One of my favorite films from this month. 
this is my favorite too! nice twist, great acting, simple and very effective for the 3 minutes. 
Nice Cinematography, good editing, cool acting. Shortlisted! 
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