Contest Name :The Other Side, Submission Date :07-20-2009, Uploaded By : Tinna
Directed By :  Tinna Bjork olafsdottir, adventure,,
Shot On: Canon XHA1, Edited On: Avid,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 1.68 mins
skara ,skara , Sweden   Views: 895
Inspiration: Would you like to be surprised like this?

Hahaha nice one, good job! 
I enjoyed it! Good fun. . . 
Very funny, good job 
that actually happened to me twice!  
nicely done... hope this never happens to me!! :) 
ROFLMAO! Very funny, a total surprise and well done! 
Make that 3 times. Today was a new day and apparently I don't learn from my mistakes. 
Good job building suspense through music, editing, and shot selection. 
Haha, excellent. Wonderful setup that really could have gone in any direction. Glad to see you submitting so many films this month, I enjoyed them all. 
nicely done.....and very funny!-jai nat ("The footprints") 
its a real surprise heheheh!!!... nicely done 
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