The Boy Across the Street

Contest Name :The Other Side, Submission Date :08-01-2009, Uploaded By : Sophie
Directed By :  Sophie Boyce, Student,,
   Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.15 mins
High Wycombe ,Buckinghamshire , United Kingdom   Views: 676
Inspiration: A childs imagination.

Beautifully executed! Loved the music, and audio in general. Well directed and edited :-) 
Very sweet. Felt like a modern day fairy tale. 
That was really interesting. I liked the coming together at the end to share in their imaginations. 
Engaging fairytale. I especially liked the slow motion shot of the protagonist running out to the sidewalk before she crosses. 
nice one....liked the love story...well shot and good locations....went over 3 minutes....this time there have been a lot of films that have gone over 3 minutes...all the best!!- jai nat ("The footprints")  
very atmospheric. Good work, sophie. Hope you like our entry, "Three kisses" 
Direction was good, little shaky, can be avoided if tripod was used, dollying and tracking too wrer shaky. overall the film was good. 
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