"The footprints"

Contest Name :The Other Side, Submission Date :08-03-2009, Uploaded By : Jai
Directed By :  Jai S. Nat, Self-employed,,
Shot On: Sony HVR-A1U, Edited On: Studio 11 plus,  Crew Members: 4  Duration: 3.00 mins
Chandigarh ,Chandigarh (U.T.) , India   Views: 1409
Inspiration: A story about a little baby who tries to remember her past life. A film inspired by my three children.

Very moving. Some of the titles were a little hard to read, but very nicely done. Lee [Mirror, mirror] 
Hey Jai I liked the concept you used at the beginning (past life). Yeah the font, not to easy to read, but the story is nice. Good luck! 
hi marcio and lee!!!thanx a lot for ur comments and feedback...really appreciate it and glad u liked my film....yeah the font is not too easy to read and I realised this after I posted the movie on filmaka....I guess its the compression that made the font a bit hard to read in some places because when I finalised the movie on the editing software the font was easily visible...so I guess its the compression after loading it on filmaka... 
ok, the font has been taken care of...the technical team at filmaka re-encoded my film which has made the font (credits) easy to read. thanx filmaka!!!  
Loved the idea and direction 
hey dude... pretty dark subject... but well made... school grades are way over rated... they have almost no bearing how we do later on in life... nice method of presentation... and... cute baby! :) best of luck! 
Wow! jai nat! That was really well put together, a very dark subject and a hope for the future of India with you making films! I had NO idea! 
Jai nat good job. I enjoyed it. 
Love the concept and your execution of it... best of luck Jai 
Good one Jai,...loved it 
Great concept, nice narrative, Dad acting was a little fake. Shortlisted 
I loved the concept and the images, ... narrative and story, Im sure you have a good chance with this one, good luck!  
Well done, Jai! The idea is ver interesting ans you donĀ“t see it coming. wish you luck with it! Best 
good message ...liked it...also a very different concept of child remembers everything from past till four years 
hey jai! that was pretty full on! your film is well put together. good job! 
Really intriguing premise. Enjoyed the performance by the girl and the movie itself quite a bit. 
Thanx Dan!!!! 
Thank you everybody for all your precious votes. Really appreciate it and CONGRATS to all the winners!! 
I am sorry, I do not buy this, lots of fake details, three obviously unconnected materials. But, your friends loves you, and they will make you believe you made a good film, but this would be good only if your baby made it... 
Thanks Srdan....really appreciate your feedback:) 
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