Contest Name :The Other Side, Submission Date :08-03-2009, Uploaded By : Elias
Directed By :  Elias Sanchez, Surgery Aide,,
Shot On: 6-24-09 to 6-29-09, Edited On: 7-1-2009,  Crew Members: 5  Duration: 3.30 mins
Desert Hot Springs ,CA , United States   Views: 752
Inspiration: I've been waiting for an opportunity to make this film since its different than what I usually do. A man is caught in the other side between dying.

Great work. Love the colouring on the desert shots, makes it seem completely otherworldly. Lee [Mirror, Mirror] 
Great sound and visual FX. Shot selection and editing served the story well. I thought the production value of the desert scene seemed significantly higher than that of the sidewalk scene. 
Very nicely done with production value, audio & visual FX... The only thing was that I didn't really get why he didn't want to leave the other side and keep living, and what happened to him in the first place? 
Nice editing and camera work... loved the screaming man... 
nice work Elias...loved the concept but I have to agree with Lee Sjostrom as to why he didn't want to leave the other side and keep living.....loved the editing...all the best!!! jai nat ("the footprints") 
great location mate! enjoyed your film ;) 
I enjoyed your film. Very cool FX although sometimes I felt like I wanted to see the character's faces lit a bit more. 
Thank you very much Stephen Brown. I actually wanted the faces, especially that of the angel to not be recognizable until the end. Thanks for the comment! 
liked the editing and VFX ...great location 
Great work, editing, sound effects and location, the screaming was cool.(Taken Souls) 
Very cool use of a location, it definitely made the film work. Lots of great things in this one. 
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