Portrait of a Woman

Contest Name :The Other Side, Submission Date :08-03-2009, Uploaded By : J
Directed By :  J Pinder, Creator,,
   Crew Members: 4  Duration: 3.00 mins
Los Angeles ,CA , United States   Views: 733
Inspiration: A woman is having her portrait painted as an item on her list before she dies

This started off, with me wanting to see the ending and resolution of her pain... The Other side? Don't know. The audio was low, so I did not hear or understand her last sentence. Otherwise, well shot and good paintings! 
The production value is pretty good, but the tone of your piece completely comes across as desperate housewife soft core porn. No offense, but everything from the lighting, to the choice of talent would fit right in late night on skinamax. I half expected the camera to track past the painting one last time to reveal the woman riding the "artist" in reverse cowboy fashion. Maybe it's just me, I don't know. If this was your intention then I apologize, and please disregard my comments. 
That's some sexual tension purposefully built up so that when the Oedipal moment hit you feel awkward. So yes, my intention was for your immediate thought to be of sex, maybe not skinamax, i dunno, i don't have cable, but a definite sexual piece. thanks for the support! 
Enter 3:20 for duration next time you upload and fillmaka won't cut off your credits. My grandfather died of kidney failure yesterday so I found your short particularly poignant. I wish you the best of luck. 
Great job man! I liked your film very much + your actors are really good. You sure got my vote as well! Big Up! 
LOL @ Keeley's comments... I agree with Keeley on the porn effect that is hanging around. But I liked the concept of the movie.. It's pretty good. 
the film ended abruptly......some emotions were missing and as a viewer I could not feel the rite emotions that should have been there...it would have been good to see the painters reaction in the end......some shots were missing.....paintings were awesome though!!!- jai nat ("The footprints") 
I agree. those missing shots play over the credits for 13 sec but got cut off. I blame myself, but hopefully this won't hamper me too much. 
Good lighting and paintings :) 
Sorry. I'm speechless that was wonderful awesome. Very touching, Very very real. Makes you think about all the beatiful portraits that have been turned into a crimson tide. THanks nice twist. My sister gave my brother a kidney. Wouldn't it be nice to pass on all life. Life is very very special and so is THIS WORK OF ART, Take care and good luck. 
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