Contest Name :The Other Side, Submission Date :08-03-2009, Uploaded By : Karthik subbaraj
Directed By :  karthik subbaraj, filmmaker,,
   Crew Members: 4  Duration: 3.00 mins
bangalore ,karnataka , India   Views: 1683
Inspiration: This short film ironically portrays the plight of the ethnic tamils on other side of Indian ocean. The darker side which the world is not aware of..

Im so jealous of some of your locations they are beautiful... 
good concept and touching,,,well done 
nice work karthik.........jai nat ("the footprints") 
Very good filming and acting. Great locations. I really liked this one. It touched me! 
All the best maaps! -- Yogaesh 
Masterpiece by Karthik !!!  
Dude the film is me for your next moviie 
you got my vote ... great message  
nice film. well done!  
Wow, really moving conclusion. You set it up and told it brilliantly. Fantastic work. 
thanks a lot everyone!! 
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