Three Kisses

Contest Name :The Other Side, Submission Date :08-06-2009, Uploaded By : Mark
Directed By :  Mark Abriel, photographer/writer/holistic health,,
Shot On: mini-DV, Edited On: Final Cut pro,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.56 mins
byron bay ,nsw , Australia   Views: 1072
Inspiration: Crashing his bike, Ruse wakes up in the "Freezone", a world between worlds, where the Head of the Angels "cuts him a deal" to be with his true love.

your holistic compound looks pretty sweet Marc, I'm not gonna lie. I'd like to visit.  
Sweet story. In future, you may want to watch your exposure settings while you're shooting. It looks like you're jumping into different exposures with each setup, and it feels a little jarring. 
Exposure shifts were to create an effect. Perhaps in other dimensions than ours, light has different speed and properties! 
Fantastic movie Mark! The acting was great, especially from the 'God'. Look forward to seeing more from you. You've got my vote. Good luck in the competition! 
I liked the original concept, but then the exposure shifts jarred me too and got me confused as t what and where. Also, it was longer than 3minutes ;-) 
I've never recommended this, or even wished this upon an enemy for that matter, but I seriously think you might benefit greatly from film school. Unfortunately, the closest one from Byron Bay is a 10 hour and 7 minute drive to Sydney. You might want to look into online course if available. They can be reached at: Sydney Film School 82 Cope St, Waterloo NSW 2017 Australia PO Box 602, Alexandria NSW 2015 Australia Tel: +61-2-9698 2244 (9am-5pm Mondays-Fridays) Good luck in your future endeavors. 
went over 3 minutes......editing was'nt that great....actors were nice.....good concept but was'nt handled properly.......- jai nat ("The footprints")  
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