Contest Name :Race Against The Clock, Submission Date :09-25-2009, Uploaded By : Pavel and Michal
Directed By :  Pavel and Michal Krumpar, film fans,,
Shot On: Sony HVR Z1U, Edited On: Adobe Premiere Pro,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 3.65 mins
Prague 5 ,Prague 5 , Czech Republic   Views: 1448
Inspiration: Franz K. is a civil servant in a nameless metropolis, with a bleak future. He and his wife share the same flat but lead separate lives. He feels like a cog in a machine. When he has finally lost all hope, one day comes and his life is changed. March 3rd will be different than any other day. Franz has slowly but surely lost his grip on reality and now his race against the clock begins. Today all his questions will be answered in a mysterious place called World Cinema, which may, or may not be the last station in this world. Is he in heaven or hell? Are the men in bowler hats angels or demons? No one knows… This film was inspired by Franz Kafka.

The film is somehow chop off 20 seconds before the end :(. Hopefuly filmaka fix it.  
this is beautifully made, even if it was chopped off at the regulation time (3:20). Was this done for Filmaka or is it a previous composition? Whichever, it is the best thus far... well done. Shortlisted. 
Wow. Awesome film! 
Awesome job. shortlisted. To bad it goes overtime. Loved it. 
Forgot. My favorite part is the woman drinking coffee. 
Awesome. I've made a couple shorts based on the writings/oddities of Kafka (also black and white, strangely enough), so I was immediately on board from the title. Lots of great moments. The men in the bowler hats were handled especially well and there were a few shots with minor touches that set it over the edge of quality (the smoke emerging when he opens the cinema doors). Overall, great work, effective music. I feel like it would have been possible to trim it under 3 minutes without losing too much of the impact. 
Very well done in all aspects. Everything was good about it except the length! 38 seconds overtime? You could have cut it shorter. Please watch my entry, 'Deadline'. 
waaah way way way way above the time limit mate !!! 
Top film! 
Noir at its best! 
This would have my vote if it was 3 minutes long, but too many others make the effort to come within the limit. One of the best in the contest though for sure 
Great production values. I really felt the man's isolation and boredom. Way to flirt with traditional narrative mixed with the abstract.-------Director of 'The Time Is Now'--------- 
Strange, intriguing and wonderfully executed, and the best part is, as "abstract" as it is, it is very clear what is going on. Well shot, well lit, well edited, beautiful and impacting effects. That it went overtime is not an issue for me -- if the site allows it, then it is i the running as far as I'm concerned. Maker of "The Course." 
Great film - and quite apt it runs over... be interesting to see if bureaucracy or filmmaking has the last word ;-) 
top view is great when he was in cinema! 
Excellent! Beautifully done! Good work! 
Wow! Awesome film! Love it! Well done and good luck! 
And Orson Wells made a film after Kafkas Process. I watched it, it was quite all right, but it has a lack of understanding the great difference between film and literature. I think it never should have been done. All I will do from Kafka is America. Have you read it? It uses symbols similar to movie symbols. Good bye! 
excellent short pavel.. very stylish! and very engaging.. loved the cinema shot!  
Great looking film and your Franz K was wonderful especially in those opening close-ups. 
I really don't give a fuck if the movie is a few second longer. We have a masterpiece here. You have my vote. 
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