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Contest Name :Race Against The Clock, Submission Date :09-26-2009, Uploaded By : Derrick
Directed By :  Derrick Collins, Student,,
Shot On: Canon XH-A1, Edited On: Sony Vegas,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 3.00 mins
Virginia Beach ,VA , United States   Views: 959
Inspiration: Inspired by the fear of having to "race against the clock" to track down such an item as presented here.

Really funny physical comedy. The jump off the stairs, the laundry bit, and the mad grab he makes at the end (love that he grabs the ENTIRE dvd player) made me laugh out loud. Well put together and clever. 
ROFLMAO! It was totally funny. Great stunts :-) I loved it, especially when I wasn't expecting THAT ending ;-) Please watch my entry, 'Deadline'. 
Sweet film and a wonderful concept ...kept my interest throughout! Good luck mate! 
Good piece - you handled humor well. Thanks. 
hilarious. well conceived, acted, and edited. I would love to work with you guys on a project, you have skills!! 
The laundry bit had me giggling, the Tina bit had be laughing out loud. Good comedy takes courage, and that Tina bit was brave. Funny shit.-------Director of 'The Time Is Now'--------- 
lol nice film. poor tina 
Very good film. What I do not like is a kind of very selfish behavior which is not criticized by author. I mean the end of this kind of actions is saying sorry to everyone he hurt in the run for "just a DVD", because no one is guilty for his forgetfulness. He should guard his DVD better or he just wanted in one moment that we see its contest, but in the last moment he changed his mind. So, very well made film, but without a feeling except: "I am saved this time", which is just for a short time . Good luck! 
Loved the ending, timing was great, film work was wonderful. -Dale McSherry 
ooo man ..that was hilarious..!! great short.. enjoyed!!  
That was so funny! 
Excellent dude's movie ! Brillantly directed and performed ! Fun fun fun funny !  
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