Contest Name :Race Against The Clock, Submission Date :09-27-2009, Uploaded By : Brian
Directed By :  Brian Rowe, Writer / Director,,
Shot On: Canon XH A1, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 3.00 mins
Encino ,CA , United States   Views: 1725
Inspiration: A sports comedy about three grown men fighting over a headband.

LOL! Good production value! I didn't see the ending coming either ;-) Please watch my 'Deadline'. 
Very funny! 
Another joker, seems to me people that you underestimate the goals of your heroes, I think that makes you lose credibility for not so bad story. Why is the villain used as a type and not as a character? 
I laughed and laughed! and it is so funny when they start the game. 
Scary...reminded me of most of my Hs and college infantile friendships. Fun dialogue, wacky shit! I am ashamed to say I loved it and ....I lived it. Please check out "The sands of Time" 
retarded fun... :D loved your actors' victory dances... :) 
Those dance moves at the end were hilarious. I also enjoyed the 'all mine motherfucka line' ------Director of 'The Time Is Now'------- 
i love his dance love m in love ..hahahah  
Another good film, FUCKFACE !  
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