The Ticking Clock

Contest Name :Race Against The Clock, Submission Date :09-27-2009, Uploaded By : Dave
Directed By :  Dave Siriano, Media Director,,
Shot On: Panasonic HVX200, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 2.45 mins
Rochester ,New York , United States   Views: 1047
Inspiration: This is inspired by a true story with the names changed to protect the guilty.

haha eww. :p but good work. love the graphics. 
Ahhh... Finally, a film about girls.... I like! 
Well done! I didn't quite get why and all except at the end ;-) Please watch my 'Deadline'. 
Beautiful Graphical visual 
Interesting subject, very good visual graphic of credits, but come on, are you really so desperate, yes that is the theme. I think you can do better but hiding under the bad and humiliating yourself or characters. Good luck! 
great graphics 
So gross --- I loved it! 
Cool graphics and music at the end. Great camara angles. 
Music and graphics really stood out. Nice. Plus, I do love the nasty factor! 
I can't believe that's a true story. OMG! Nice work. 
Ok that's disgusting and hilarious! And I do buy that it is inspired by a true story... I've heard similar ones. (On a radio show, so who knows...) Looking forward to the rest!! Question: That really cool credit sequence and ditto for music -- was it deliberately so dramatic and urgent to set us up for something "serious" to offset even more the comedic nature? 
Yes Hedia, you are exactly right. I was hoping to throw everyone off for a little while anyway. I have a follow up to it that hopefully I get a chance to make. Thanks for your comment! 
The condom grab was Nasty (with a capital N). The underwear in the face was a nice touch as well. That didn't really happen? Did it? Yikes! -----Director of 'The Time Is Now'-------- 
Super disgust lol but good work mate ! Epic start and a epic end :) 
oo god .. your start and end ... it started ... something else, but when movie end it kept my mouth open.. 
It made me cringe.. then laugh hard. The slick editing certainly added a touch of class. 
short and sweet! - the film i mean! well filmed. waiting for the next installment..... 
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