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Contest Name :Race Against The Clock, Submission Date :09-27-2009, Uploaded By : Himanshu
Directed By :  Himanshu Bhatnagar, FILM MAKER,,
   Crew Members: 6  Duration: 2.93 mins
pune ,maharashtra , India   Views: 1042
Inspiration: 2 small time crooks have got it big this time but they running out of money.

Hello there, nice to meet you! I really enjoyed watching your film. It is nice to see people treating women with respect! You have been shortlisted! 
Great film and awesome acting. Well done. 
Good concept and good acting... The problems with it that I saw were audio (dialogue) sometimes not there as well as practically invisible subtitles. I had to watch it twice to even know what was going on. Please watch my entry, 'Deadline'. 
Good idea, funny actors. Enjoy it. 
A funny story... 
Totally hilarious guys. Love it. 
Good comedy. I wonder what it will be if you had to feel like a real mother concerned for her child, or like a child which is being kidnapped? Good luck with votes from your friends! 
Now i know how to get rid of problem children. Very informative film. Thanks! well done and fun. Please check out "The sands of Time" 
Nice work!!!  
Great comedic dialogue, held my attention! My film is called "The Course." 
PS - I know you've seen my film, and your beer comment brought a big smile to my actor (who is co-producer as well). We both really enjoyed your film, your actors execute the excellent dialogue with ease and humor. 
Classic bumbling crooks! ------Director of 'The Time Is Now'------- 
my mom would do that as well ..lol !! hahahaha good fun flick! 
Funny comedy premise. Enjoyed the two characters and their banter. Funny stuff. 
what a pace and the hold you guys got on the movie...awesome!! 
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