Contest Name :Race Against The Clock, Submission Date :09-28-2009, Uploaded By : Sean
Directed By :  Sean Fitzgerald, Trainer,,
Shot On: Sony HVR HD1000u, Edited On: Final Cut Pro ,  Crew Members: 4  Duration: 3.00 mins
centereach ,ny , United States   Views: 838
Inspiration: The feeling of getting up late and spending the entire rest of your day feeling like you are running around

Great work. Well shot & edited. Felt like it maybe ran a little long for the punchline, but looks great. 
Overall enjoyed the fun & story line - maybe a bit tighter on the acting and editing, but a very good piece: thanks for the fun. 
ROFLMAO! I can totally relate. I have a lot of days like that. I have AD/HD as well as being a total klutz. Interesting concept, well shot and good stunts... Music paced well too. I was waiting to see where he was headed off to. I guessed it might be work, but realistically, after he got grubby, he'd have stayed home. Still a fun piece. Please watch my entry, 'Deadline'.  
All bad experiences should be accompanied by extreme sound effects, I really like that idea a lot. 
Reminded me of Harold Lloyd comedies. Very well done. Loved the choice to dump the whole water table vs just a glass! Great actor choice as lead, great music, great timing overall. Please check out "The Sands of Time" 
that was really cute, well done! 
Been there before. Good use of broad physical comedy by actor. Music and sound effects went a long way. -----Director of 'The Time Is Now'------ 
Certainly you know to lough at yourself. Maybe it would be even better to watch some well build tall actor without glasses in this role, but you have made your point even without that. Good luck! 
damn this was a fun film!! can imagine the fun u had making this film lol !!!! some epic moments in the film...the pizza and the table of drinks made me crack big time!!! a proper laugh!!! 
Funny physical/silent comedy. Not sure I understand the previous comment about how it might be better with a taller actor without glasses, but I definitely got the Harold Lloyd vibe from this (the great music score helped that too). GREAT cut from 6:00 to 8:15 at the very beginning, really establishes the tone and pulls you into the short immediately. 
Hey thanks Dan for the great feedback , I really appreciate it  
Funny with lots of clever moments, great use of music and audio. Maker of "The Course." 
every shot was great with so many hilarious moments..very intelligent! 
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