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Contest Name :Race Against The Clock, Submission Date :09-28-2009, Uploaded By : Askia
Directed By :  askia, academic advisor,,
Shot On: dvx100, Edited On: mac,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 3.07 mins
phoenix ,az , United States   Views: 770
Inspiration: life

beautifully poetic... but your use of the "American Beauty" soundtrack is not allowed... 
Very nicely shot, hope you don't get disqualified for the music. 
Nicely shot and edited with the stills and live action. Good narration. Sad, oh so sad. I really felt for him. Please watch my entry, 'Deadline'. 
Voice over reminds me of Thin Red Line...maybe the tone is quite same as the main characters. Bit too sad for my taste, but worked well as a film. 
Had a nice documentary feel to it, which added 'realistic' credibility to the story. Nicely done. ------Director of 'The Time Is Now'------- 
liked your music and wonderful use of pictures as well ..a very unique style of filmmaking !! Kudos man! 
Really interesting editing style that is picked up about halfway through with the lines repeated/looped/layered - definitely creates the feeling that something tragic is about to happen. Loved the last line and the title of the film itself. 
This is a very powerful film and it makes one stop and think about the consequences of living, living a fast life, and dying, dying young. It made me stop and think aabout how many young adults contemplate and commit suicide where they feel so trapped -- and feel that they have run out of time.  
Very very warm and moving. Excellent shooting and editing.  
beautiful film man.. just hope the music is permitted. 
Hello Muhammad! This is music from American Beauty, which I do not mind, I really do not care about rights. What I care about is a change in your expression. I think you need to inspire musician with your dramatic plot/work and then you have best result in film making or in theater or in opera e.g. Your question comes from deep depression, but I do not take it seriously, because it is too selfish, just as a thought that you control your life only by killing yourself. That is not moral issue, it is just description of your character which might help you develop your work if you ever want to come back to this questions. Of course, others always like it, if I do not. Good luck! 
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