Statue man

Contest Name :Race Against The Clock, Submission Date :09-29-2009, Uploaded By : Babu
Directed By :  Babu Sundaram, Research Professor,,
Shot On: 9/14/09, Edited On: Ulead Video,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 2.98 mins
Houston ,TX , United States   Views: 840
Inspiration: This film shows a metaphorical look at the irony in life. Always running towards the future missing what is in the present.

The music really matches with the pace of the movie. Very well done !!!. The statue man could have used more make-up though. 
I agree music matches with the pace of the short. 
Very nicely done. I did see the ending coming, though, probably because of the title of the film. Also, the music fit the pace, but ended too abruptly! It could have faded out ;-) Please watch my entry, 'Deadline'.  
You surprised me! I was curious about his ill-timed use of beauty products ... but I had it wrong, funny. 
Hurry up so you can become a statue!!! I like the irony 
liked the climax !!! u forgot to take a shower and u have a umbrella ..hmmmmm ..afraid of water? hhaha joking man...u made me laugh ,,hope all professors have your kind of humour :) 
Thanks for all your comments. Didnt want the titles to be too obvious. But then, could not come up with an apt one in the last minute during uploading. :-) 
Good use of speed motion and music syn. -----Director of 'The Time Is Now'------ 
Rushing around to stand still, nice idea, nice reversal. Maker of "The Course." 
Did a great job - ending totally took me by surprise - loved it! - Dale McSherry 
This is very funny! Except the fact that he was in hurry to be there at 8:30 maybe and it would not be different if you gave him dignity to eat in peace, but then of course it would not be joke. Exact form as jokes are using connecting naive and banal actions with a twist at the end. I just have a problem with overlapping between going out of the car shot and next shot with walking in a park. You could just use rough cut there because you have good overlapping later on. And of course, the title is telling to much. 
mix of emotions... really i was thinking for five mins... but end was speechless.. 
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